Lindenpark Elmshorn - restructuring into a multi-generation house

Elmshorn, Germany

REC Partners GmbH
Re-use, Nursing and Care

Concept study

The Lindenpark senior citizens' residence near Elmshorn consists of a former hospital from the 1920s and an extension which was built in 1994 as a mother-child spa and was also converted into a nursing home for the elderly. Parts of the old building have already housed a day care centre since 2010.

The aim of the restructuring is to continue to operate the Lindenpark senior citizens' residence as a multi-generation house. In addition to the existing nursing home with dementia ward, assisted living and a day care centre are to be integrated. Furthermore, the day-care centre for children is to be restructured and extended, and a women's shelter is also to be provided.

The extensive outdoor facilities are to be converted into a park in the long term. A common garden and courtyard area is planned. All residents will have the opportunity to use, maintain and play in this area together. The north-eastern area is to be planned as an exercise and walking area.

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Esmarchstr. 22-24, Elmshorn, Germany SH


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