Energy refurbishment, renovation and conversion of Marien-Gymnasium

Werl, Germany

REC Partners GmbH
Re-use, School
Energy refurbishment Marien-Gymnasium

Energy refurbishment of a municipal grammar school for 1,000 pupils during ongoing operation.

The city of Werl intended to renovate the energy efficiency of the municipal Marien-Gymnasium while it was still in operation. The building complex consists of two main buildings, which were erected in different construction phases in the later 1960s. Both structures are connected to each other via a covered passageway with adjoining rooms. In 1996 and 1999, the school was extended by two modern annexes for additional classrooms and subject rooms.

During the renovation, the two aging main buildings were to be modernised in terms of construction and energy. At the same time, the user comfort was to be increased in order to enhance the socio-cultural value of the institution "school" and to ensure accessibility.

Since the renovation took place during ongoing operations, the sometimes complex requirements of the different users in terms of architecture and technology had to be taken into account. Individual rooms (e.g. classes, assembly hall) were used for different lengths of time and at different times, there are holiday periods, the rooms have to meet considerable requirements in terms of air exchange, lighting, acoustics and glare and, last but not least, guarantee safety, hygiene and freedom from harmful substances for children and young people. Cautious renovation measures were taken for the largely unchanged and individually designed assembly hall in order to preserve the overall structural impression.

Project data


Am Breilsgraben 2, Werl, Germany (NRW)


City of Werl

Performance period

10/2018 - 10/2021

Floor area

ca. 3.532 m² GFA


Object Planning, Service phases 1 – 8 HOAI